HO! Ho! Ho! Meaningful Sex & Intimacy Gifts to enjoy this Holiday Season


Just wanted to wish everyone a happy, health, present Holiday Season. May you be calm, mindful, loving and take time to reflect about the year you/we have had. And of course have a bit of fun to!!!

Here is a list of Recommended Eco-Friendly, Conscious-Minded Sex and Intimacy Gifts to Celebrate the Holiday Season With:

  1. Leaf Vibrators- Brilliant!! Tried and Tested!!Eco-friendly, No Plastics, Waterproof, USB charger included and sent in a beautiful paper(not Plastic) box- http://leafvibes.com
  1. Make Love Speak Love Board Game- One of the most heart-warming games out there, with hrs of Fun, playing with intimacy both physically and through meaningful conversation(Tried and Tested)                                                                  https://www.amazon.com/speak-love-make-romantic-game/dp/B001PRAEBC
  1. And how about trying some eco-friendly, natural latex bound condoms that don’t contain harmful chemicals like spermicidals, benzocaine and nonoxynol this Holiday Season!! Great for the body and the environment!!(Tried and Tested) https://www.fairsquared.info

 4. Vertellis Relationship Edition- Brilliant cards that get people talking in a deep and   meaningful way, beyond the chit-chat, thus creating a fun way to move forward in life and in love (Tried and Tested)


        5. And of course, Margot Anand’s New book, Love, Sex and Awakening…Have not   read it, but added on to my list to Santa!!


I will be on a well deserved break until the New Year. And just so you know, this time of year can be hectic and crazy at times. Just remember to breath, take a step back if needed and just be.. Peace and Love Allways


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