Make the Earth your Lover, Not just your Mother: The Truth behind Ecosexuality(The Ecosexual)

So…after weeks and weeks of researching conscious/meaningful topics, this one blew my mind. I sent an article to my partner and he sarcastically says, “so now are going to go out and masturbate with the trees”..Well no, not exactly.

Ecosexuality is an art form, a theory, a social movement which involves the connection between sex and nature. The same way using fossil fuels, plastics, etc..affects climate change. Ecosexuality is about being consciously aware of how using certain sex and intimacy products as well as how we make love affects the world at large. Its a way of changing our behaviour as an individual, reconnecting with nature and our own bodies to affect global change. The Ecosexual takes many forms, from physically making love to the Earth, masturbating in the mud to being naked in nature and choosing eco-centered sex toys. We begin to see that every choice we make has a direct global impact. And speaking on the issue of sex toys, in a study from 2001, Chemist Hans Ulrich Krieg “showed that the chemical composition of many sex toys is incredibly toxic,  more toxic than anything he had seen in more than 10 years of analyzing consumer products.  The sex toys tested contained 10 or more hazardous chemicals, including “extraordinarily high”(1) amounts of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP). In plain and simple terms: these chemicals are bad and pollute our bodies and the earth. Math and science, eh, not the most easiest of things to understand, but more important now then ever and puts into perspective of just how important it is to learn how to be more aware of what we put inside out bodies, as well as the environment. Remember: Earth doesn’t just take care of us, we have to take care of her as well. Its a two way street.

Overall, ecosexuality has its extremes and may even disturb some, but in the end its truly about respecting ourselves and others. A way of reaching out and reconnecting with nature in a conscious, mindful way. Its about becoming aware of the affects of our sexual lives. Whether through buying eco sex toys, condoms, etc..being aware of how we make love to reconnecting our body with nature in an erotic way. At the end of the day, ecosexuality is a way of peacefully, consciously evolving into a better future for all.

  1. Zach Biesanz, Dildos, Artificial Vaginas, and Phthalates: How Toxic Sex Toys Illustrate a Broader Problem for Consumer Protection, 25 Law& Ineq. 203 (2007).

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