A pretty, hippy, groovey kind of gal who Grew up in the good ol’ USA where I knew that I would one day travel the world in search of more

To NYC- where I actually wanted to become a Registered Nurse, but made a very wise decision to change to a B.A in Psychology. And of course my firsts: Date, Boyfriend, losing my virginity and just touching the surface of what sex and relationships had in store for me and the world at large.

Then crossing the pond over to London, UK, where everything would change even more. Starting my Masters in Psychoanalysis, having sex with guys in order to feel loved, celebrating the most loneliest XMAS of all time. To then having a 6 yr non-sexual relationship (by choice), which after 6 months of our tryst, anger, hatred and occasional abuse entered into my life. Although not all bad, makes you think what the hell am I still doing here.

I have made some shitty choices in my life thus far, but all have had a positive impact leading to where I am now.