Recommended Resources

Up and Coming Events and Programmes

Shakti Sundari’s-Awakening to Shakti-Online Group Programme-Embodying the Divine Feminine: An opportunity in support of deep and lasting transformation in your quest to know, love and express yourself as a manifestation of the all-encompassing feminine:


Cuddle Workshops with Anna Fortes Mayer, Come and learn about the importance of Non-Sexual Touch, Boundaries, Connection and Fun:

Diamond Light Tantra, Leora Lightwoman, London, UK:

Making love Retreat for Couples with Diana Puja&Michael Raja Richardson: Week-long Meditation Retreats on Reawakening to Love: For more info:,

Shakti Tantra: An Invitation to Pleasure, offering Courses and One to One Sessions,

Switch on Delight, Göran Hielscher-Moving People, Tailor-Made workshops on conscious sexuality and relating,

The Australian School of Tantra-Love works!: Workshops, Teacher Training, Sessions for Men, Women and Couples, led by Kerry and Diane Riley,

Wilder Intimacy, Adam Wilder, Improving human connection across the globe through Relationships and Sexuality,


Tantra Festival Amsterdam-Lets Make Life Colourful 2019, 19-21 April, Amsterdam, Holland:

Tantra Festival 2018-Rise in Love 17-18 Nov, London, UK:

Togetherness Festival-A celebration of social, soulful, sensual human connection,


Slow Sex (DVD) Winner of Cosmic Cine 2013- Diana Richardson

Tantric Orgasm for Women, Diana Richardson

Tantra- The Path to Blissful Sex, Leora Lightwoman

The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfilment, Diana Richardson

The Tantric Secrets of Sacred(Meaningful) Sex: A Guide to Intimacy and Loving, with Kerry and Diane and Christine Niyaso Carter

Coaching/Body Work

Danni Lovefox: Berlin Based Pleasure Adventure: Somatic Sexuality coaching, De-Armouring, Taoist Massage and Tantra,

Eco-Products and Suppliers

Onyx-Honouring Sexuality: An alternative, eco-friendly sex shop and workshop space in Amsterdam, Holland: