Happy, Sexy, Conscious Valentine’s Day 2019

A Tantralizing, Sexy Valentines Surprise!!

Recipe for a tantralizing, Conscious Chocolate

  • Take one dark purple sky, twinkling stars and with the warmth of summer, or otherwise a precious moment in time
  • Silently observe yourself and your lover in the silhouette on the earth
  • Look deeply into their eyes and say “hello, namaste, I see you as a reflection of myself”
  • Build a fragrant wood fire burning cedar and sage
  • Slowly unwrap the lush, fair trade, organic, (gluten-free, egg-free) chocolate cake (that you lovingly prepared earlier) made with the most delicious ground almond paste and deep rich and moist, thick, lickable chocolate icing
  • Cut a double slice
  • Hold it to the air in triumph and gratitude,
  • Open some champagne (or appropriate locally produced beverage)
    to celebrate together life’s goodness and joy
  • Crush the cake and spread some on your lovers body
  • Allowing crumbs to fall where they may, be playful, make a mess
  • Let go and enjoy the moment.
  • Enjoy.
  • Bliss

Valentines Day…, A day to remind us that we are love.  Love is not something to attain, its been with us always, and will be with us forever. We are UNIVERSAL LOVERS.